Dundas Castle Wedding Film – Cori, Matt & That Red Vera Wang Dress

Dundas Castle Wedding Film – Cori, Matt & That Red Vera Wang Dress

As I’m writing this (Steve), I’m conscious that a dress may not be a massive factor in anyone’s life, but every now and then something special comes up that makes even me take notice. That day was when Cori walked down stairs at Dundas Castle and I first caught a glimpse of her in her stunning red Vera Wang Dress (she looked pretty awesome!).

OK now hopefully I have that out of the way and I can talk about the more important fact – for me – of how lovely Cori and Matt were.  Firstly, they are very much in love and devoted to each other, but I also loved how they show their affection for each other with humour and anyone who knows me will appreciate that humour is a big thing in my life (I’m not usually the most serious of people, flippant, irreverent and often just plain stupid).

Weddings are about bringing close family and friends together to celebrate their new lives together, with love emotion and FUN.

Cori and Matt had fun, their guests had fun, and we had fun (alongside the lovely Ryan & Hercs at Ryan White Photography).

I knew this film had to be mainly about their voices, about the lovely personalised vows they wrote to each other for their Humanist Ceremony conducted by Duncan Robertson, so the music really takes a back seat on this edit.  Hope you like it.

One standout moment for us was when Cori received her bridal bouquet from the team at Planet Flowers, she was literally gobsmacked, check out her reaction…priceless!  Well done Team Planet Flowers, you silenced Cori 🙂

Congratulations Cori & Matt – have an awesome life, especially watching sports together 😉

Steve (& Yvonne)








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